At Endurance Cafe we promote the benefits of fuelling an active lifestyle with our high-quality crafted coffee.
From farm to cup, we're all about making coffee that's not only delicious but also kind to our planet. Our focus is always on crafting the perfect blend and caring for the environment every step of the way.
We use a ZERO WASTE roasting technology called Eco Roast. This roasts your fresh coffee using the power of used coffee grinds collected from coffee shops across the UK.
  • STEP 1

    The process starts with the consumer, enjoying a delicious cup of coffee in a coffee outlet - the coffee outlet is collecting the used coffee grounds in special (re-purposed) containers issued to them by their supplier. These containers are then collected at the same time as the outlets next delivery of fresh coffee.
  • STEP 2

    The next stage of the process, once the grounds have been collected is to sieve out any foreign objects and dry the coffee grounds. From there the dried coffee grounds are fed into a large mechanical press that forces the coffee under huge pressure through a die and this forms the Bio-Fuel we require for our Eco Roasters.
  • STEP 3

    The third stage of the process is roasting. Custom made Eco Roasters are used to turn the Coffee Bio-Fuel into the heat energy needed to roast delicious fresh coffee beans. The Eco Roaster is so energy efficient that it only uses approx 40g of Bio-Fuel to roast 1000g of fresh coffee! It even stores excess heat in large thermal storage tanks for heating the roastery!
  • STEP 4

    The final stage of the process is the beans that have just been roasted, these are then quickly cooled, de-stoned and packed in valved bags to lock in the freshness. Packaged up ready for delivery to you. For those customers adopting the Coffee-Eco System, these beans will be delivered at the same time as their coffee waste is collected. Ensuring a carbon neutral journey is achieved.